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Herboxa® NAD+

Herboxa Garlic Heart Supplements Benefits.

Herboxa® NAD+

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  •  Clinically proven NIAGEN®  boosts NAD+ by over 50% in 2 weeks
  • Promotes healthy aging through cellular rejuvenation
  •  Stimulates cellular energy production for increased vitality
  •  Improves cardiovascular, cognitive, muscular, and immune functions
  •   Improves skin elasticity, hair health, and reduces visible aging signs
  •   Patented clinically proven ingredients

Made with Nicotinamide Riboside (NIAGEN®) which:

Boosts NAD+ Levels
Reverses Biological Age
Increases Daily Energy
Supports Cellular Health

Made with KANEKA Ubiquinol™ (CoQ10) which:

Prevents Cells Aging
Improves Mental Performance
Promotes Skin Elasticity

Made with Resveratrol™ which:

Supports Stronger Joints
Enhances Cellular Activation
Supports Heart Health

Made with BioPerine® which:

Enhances Nutrient Absorption
Stabilizes Blood Sugar
Boosts Metabolism

What is Herboxa® NAD+?

Herboxa® NAD+ is your ultimate supplement for combatting the signs of aging. Uniquely formulated with the patented ingredient NIAGEN® - the only legally registered and approved ingredient of its kind in Europe - it supports DNA repair, revitalizes brain function, and boosts age-defying NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels by 50% in just two weeks, leading to cellular rejuvenation and a surge in vitality.

In addition, patented ingredients like Resveratrol™ have positive effects on cognitive health, ensuring our brain remains agile and healthy. Meanwhile, Ubiquinol, which is absorbed 5 times better than the traditional form of CoQ10, promotes collagen synthesis, ensuring youthful skin elasticity. With the added strength of BioPerine®, Herboxa® NAD+ also enhances nutrient absorption and fights inflammation, offering extra protection against aging.

Every capsule of Herboxa® NAD+ is a testament to unparalleled research and dedication, designed for organ revitalization and longevity, ensuring you feel your best at every age.

Who is Herboxa® NAD+ for?

Alarming statistics reveal that 2 out of 3 individuals over 40 experience challenges like reduced energy, memory lapses, and joint discomfort. In addition, recent studies indicate that a staggering 80% of those above 65 deal with chronic conditions like high blood pressure and arthritis. And the risks multiply with sedentary lifestyles, smoking, and poor dietary choices, making the urge to act undeniable. 

Herboxa® NAD+ is the answer for those looking to protect their healthspan with comprehensive cellular defense. Healthspan is the ability to stay healthy as you get older - something everyone desires.

With its potent, scientifically-backed formula, it's the ultimate defense against the challenges of aging.

How does Herboxa® NAD+ work?

Herboxa® NAD+ is the culmination of cutting-edge research in the life extension industry. With recent insights revealing NAD+'s remarkable role in prolonging life and reversing aging, this abundant molecule is essential for over 400 biological functions and the vitality of more than 37.2 trillion cells in your body.

Herboxa® NAD+ harnesses this power with its primary ingredient, Nicotinamide Riboside (Niagen®), backed by over 300 published scientific studies, 40+ patents, and the endorsement of 2 Nobel Prize winners. Niagen® rejuvenates cells and combats aging at its core. Complementing this is KANEKA Ubiquinol™, enhancing cellular energy, Resveratrol™ for antioxidant defense, and BioPerine® for optimal absorption.

Together, they offer a revolutionary approach to aging, enhanced with essential vitamins like Vitamin E, B-complex, and Vitamin D3.

Never too late to be young!

How they're made

Ingredients you can pronounce.

Nicotinamide RIboside (NIAGEN®)

Niagen® is a patented supplement clinically proven to boost NAD+ levels by 50% in just two weeks, rejuvenating your body's vital organs and slowing the aging process.

KANEKA Ubiquinol™

Ubiquinol™, absorbed 5x better than CoQ10, helps keep you young by combating oxidative stress and maintaining mitochondrial function. It also supports mental well-being and skin health.


Resveratrol™ is a compound that can enhance mood, cognitive and cerebrovascular functions. It has the potential to slow cognitive decline due to aging, and decrease fatigue.


BioPerine is widely utilized to improve the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. It also enhances metabolism, reduces the risk of neurological conditions and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 intake is important for maintaining healthy skin, as it helps in the production of collagen, a key protein for skin structure and elasticity.


Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is essential for overall health, maintaining the body's energy supply while supporting eye, nerve, and brain function.

Each Serving Contains:
  • Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride (NIAGEN)
    300 mg
  • Resveratrol Veri-te™
    150 mg
  • Ubiquinol (Kaneka Ubiquinol™)
    100 mg
  • Vitamin C
    80 mg
  • Black Pepper Fruit Extract (BioPerine®)
    15 mg
  • Vitamin E
    12 mg a-TE
  • Pantothenic acid
    6 mg
  • Niacin
    2.4 mg NE
  • Vitamin B6
    1.4 mg
  • Vitamin B1
    1.1 mg
  • Vitamin B2
    1.05 mg
  • Vitamin D3
    10 µg
  • Vitamin B12
    2.5 µg
Suggested use: 2 capsules daily.
Our capsules do not contain:
Yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, synthetic colors, agave, or salicylates.

Our happy clients.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D

Turning 60 was tough on me. But with this, I've got the vitality to keep up with my grandkids. It's amazing!

- John 

I struggled with focus and joint pain, but this supplement changed everything. I'm back to my old active self!

- Julia 

I was feeling the effects of aging - sluggish and achy. Since I started taking this, I'm hiking like I'm in my 30s! Plus, it's super easy to incorporate into my daily routine.

- Katie 

As a busy mom, I was run-down. This gave me back my energy, and my skin's glow is something that gets complimented all the time. 

- Lisa 

Getting older is inevitable, but feeling it isn't. Been taking these capsules for a month now and my energy soared, and I felt more agile and active than I had in years. Thumbs up!

- Mike 

I've been taking this for a while, and my eyes don't feel as tired. Plus, my mobility has improved. No complaints!

- Poppy 

9 Ways We Ensure The High Quality Of Herboxa

Formulated by gerontology experts with over 43 years of combined experience

We only work with doctors, nutritionists, and researchers specialized in aging. Herboxa was formulated by a Nutritional Scientist together with two gerontology doctors.

Made in the EU with globally sourced ingredients with the highest safety and purity standards

Herboxa is produced in the EU in small batches to maintain ultra-high quality. It meets the most rigorous FED and GMP standards for safety and purity.

Ingredients From Suppliers We Know and Trust

We source our ingredients after months of research and in–person meetings with suppliers. We work with just a few suppliers and visit them regularly to ensure we always get top-quality ingredients.

Three-Step Quality Control For Every Single Batch

Every ingredient in our formula goes through a rigorous 3-step quality control process to ensure Purity, Quality, and Potency.

Ingredients and Dosages Based on Scientific Data

The ingredients in Herboxa have been carefully chosen for anti-aging benefits after pouring over thousands of scientific papers. They are in the doses shown in studies to deliver the best results.

Not Made with Fillers And Additives

Herboxa is not made with fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors and stearates.


Know with absolute confidence that Herboxa is free from the established 69 known gut irritants.

Heavy Metal Tested

We use world-class laboratory detectors to ensure that Herboxa meets high safety standards for heavy metals.

Made Without Gluten, Dairy, Sugar and GMO's

Herboxa is made without gluten, lactose, dairy, corn, soy and GMO ingredients.

Money Back
Try it, Risk-FREE!

If you’re not satisfied with our product, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund.

Never too late to be young!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAD?
NAD, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is like a power booster found in all living cells, especially in the cell's energy factories called mitochondria. Think of NAD as the battery that keeps these mitochondria charged up. Having enough NAD in our cells helps them work at their best, which, in turn, helps us feel our best.
How does Herboxa® NAD+ work?
Aging happens for many reasons, but one big factor is that we lose NAD as we get older. NAD is like water for our cells, and they need it to stay healthy. Unfortunately, NAD levels decrease as we age, and they can drop even faster when we do things like overeating, excessive drinking, working too hard, spending too much time in the sun, not getting enough sleep, or when we get sick.

Because NAD is crucial for our cells to function well, having less of it makes it harder for our cells to stay healthy as we age. But having more NAD has been linked to lots of good health benefits.

In 2004, a scientist named Charles Brenner found a special molecule called nicotinamide riboside (NR), which helps our cells make more NAD, keeping them healthy.

NIAGEN® is a special, patented form of nicotinamide riboside that's been proven to support healthy NAD levels.
What are the benefits?
NIAGEN®, a scientifically proven ingredient, helps keep NAD levels healthy in humans. Healthy NAD levels are linked to several good things, such as:

- Keeping cholesterol levels in check
- Helping cells work normally and make energy
- Supporting your liver, especially when it's stressed

Your experience with Herboxa® NAD+ may vary depending on what your cells need. But the science shows that it works on a cellular level, and the longer you use it, the more chances you have to feel these positive changes.
How much research has been done on NIAGEN®?
Scientists first found nicotinamide riboside back in the 1940s.

Since then, scientists have studied it a lot to understand how it helps make NAD, which is crucial for our cells. More than ten years of research have gone into studying nicotinamide riboside, leading to hundreds of research studies. One study even proved that NIAGEN® helps keep NAD levels healthy in people. These good results have encouraged research all around the world. Right now, there are at least 14 more studies happening to learn more about the health benefits of NIAGEN®, the main ingredient in Herboxa® NAD+.
Can I take Herboxa® NAD+ with my multivitamins?
Yes, you can use Herboxa® NAD+ alongside your regular multivitamin that provides your daily vitamin and mineral needs, including vitamin B3. Just remember that Herboxa® NAD+ contains nicotinamide riboside, which is different from the B3 in regular multivitamins.

Your body absorbs and uses Herboxa® NAD+ in a unique way that's separate from vitamin B3 (niacin or nicotinamide) in regular vitamin supplements. Science has shown that Herboxa® NAD+ helps keep your NAD levels steady.

Multivitamins are carefully made to give you the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals each day, so they're balanced for your needs.
How do I use this product?
Simply take 2 capsules once daily with a small glass of water or as directed by your health practitioner.
What are the ingredients in this formula?
All the ingredients have been dosed based on scientific research. They include:

Nicotinamide RIboside (NIAGEN®)
Resveratrol Veri-te™
Ubiquinol (Kaneka Ubiquinol™)
Vitamin C
Black Pepper Fruit Extract (BioPerine®)
Vitamin E
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12
Where is the formula produced?
Herboxa is produced in small batches to maintain ultra-high quality levels in a Certified facility in Europe.
Can I use it with other products?
Yes! Herboxa works perfectly with Neuro Health, a formula that has organic herbs shown to support brain health, focus, and memory.
You can take both these formulas together for maximum benefits.
Is this product vegan?
Yes, NAD+ is 100% vegan-friendly.
Can it be used by children?
You should always consult with a healthcare professional before giving it to anyone under the age of 18.
Where should I store this product?
It's best to store this product in a cool, dry place to enjoy all its benefits.
Are there any side effects?
Our health supplements have been designed by experts. In very rare cases, some people experience adverse reactions. Please, always consult with your doctor if you experience any adverse effects or allergic reaction.
How long does the jar last?
Our jar contains 60 capsules that last for about a month.
Medical information, product, reviews, warnings and legal disclaimer
Product legal disclaimer

At Herboxa, we have NO compromise when it comes to quality, safety and transparency. That's why we check that the information on our website is valid, accurate and substantiated by scientific research and clinical evidence. We avoid statements on our website that are misleading or exaggerate efficacy or performance.
To ensure the integrity of testimonials appearing on our website, we also:
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