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Herboxa Garlic Heart Supplements Benefits.


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  •  Supports Healthy Prostate Function
  •  Helps to Improve Urinary Flow & Reduce Urges
  •  Helps to Reduce Prostate Inflammation
  •  Helps to Regulate & Optimize Testosterone Levels
  •   100% GMO and preservative free
  •   Clinically proven ingredients

Made with Saw palmetto berries extract to help promote:

Prostate Health
Urinary Tract Function
Male Performance
Anti-Inflammatory Support
Hormonal Balance

What is Herboxa® Saw Palmetto?

Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is your go-to supplement for maintaining a healthy prostate.

With the alarming statistic that approximately 50% of men in their 50s experience symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), the need for proactive prostate care has never been more crucial.

BPH and other prostate issues often silently progress, impacting the quality of life significantly. These conditions lead to urinary problems, discomfort, and can seriously disrupt daily life, causing a quiet but significant struggle for many.

That's why we created Herboxa® Saw Palmetto - a supplement based on a clinically proven ingredient to help support healthy prostate function, reduce inflammation, and improve urinary flow. With Herboxa® , a proactive approach to maintaining prostate health is not only possible but also really accessible and effective.

Who is Herboxa® Saw Pametto for?

Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is formulated for men, mainly between the ages of 45 and 65, who are experiencing symptoms related to prostate health, such as urinary tract problems and prostate inflammation. It’s also ideal for those who wish to take a proactive approach to maintain their prostate health as they age.

If you're a man seeking to improve or control your prostate health naturally, Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is the right choice for you. Whether you're facing prostate enlargement issues or simply wish to support your prostate's healthy function, this supplement is designed to meet your needs effectively and safely.

How does Herboxa® Saw Palmetto work?

Herboxa® Saw Palmetto works by harnessing the power of its potent natural ingredient - the Saw palmetto berries extract. It is rich in fatty acids and plant sterols, which are known for their health-promoting properties. The extract works in several ways to support prostate health:

• Anti-Inflammatory Properties: It helps to reduce inflammation within the prostate, alleviating discomfort and improving urinary function.

• Hormone Regulation: Saw Palmetto extract plays a role in balancing hormone levels, particularly testosterone. It inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is often associated with prostate enlargement.

• Urinary Flow Improvement: By relaxing the urinary tract muscles, the extract enhances urine flow and helps relieve the symptoms of BPH, such as frequent urination.

With a daily capsule based on the saw palmetto berries extract, men can expect to feel gradual improvements in their prostate health. Consistent use is recommended for optimal results.

Prostate health was never easier!

How they're made

Ingredients you can trust.

Saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto herb is widely known as a men's health favorite and is touted for its naturally occurring Plant Sterols and beneficial Fatty Acids. The berries were a staple food and medicine for the Native Americans of the southeastern United States. In the early 1900s, men used the berries to treat urinary tract problems, and even to increase male performance.

Saw palmetto berries

Saw palmetto berries extract is known to reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and improve urinary function. It helps to soothe the prostate and reduce swelling, which in turn alleviates discomfort and improves urinary function. The extract also balances testosterone levels in the body. Furthermore, Saw Palmetto enhances urinary function by relaxing the urinary tract muscles, thereby improving urine flow and mitigating symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), such as frequent urination.

Each Serving Contains:
  • Saw Palmetto berries extract (45% Fatty acids)
    250 mg
  • Saw Palmetto berries extract

    150 mg
Suggested use: 1 capsule daily.
Our capsules do not contain:
Yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, synthetic colors, agave, or salicylates.

Real people, real reviews

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I was struggling with frequent bathroom trips at night. Since I started using Herboxa Saw Palmetto, I've noticed a significant reduction in urgency and frequency. I can finally enjoy a full night's sleep!

- John 

I was skeptical at first, but the money-back guarantee convinced me to try it. Now, I can confidently say that Herboxa Saw Palmetto has improved my urinary flow and overall prostate health.

- Robert                  

As a fitness enthusiast, maintaining optimal testosterone levels is crucial for me. Herboxa not only supports my prostate health but also helps in regulating my hormone levels, keeping me energetic and in shape!

- Michael                    

I appreciate that Herboxa uses natural ingredients. It’s a brand that understands the importance of holistic wellness, and I’ve experienced no side effects since using the product.

- David                    

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I was dealing with prostate inflammation, making my life uncomfortable. After a friend recommended Herboxa, I noticed a significant improvement in just a few weeks!

- James                    

Herboxa has helped me regain control over my bladder. The nights of interrupted sleep due to frequent bathroom visits are over. I feel more rested and energetic during the day.

- Charles                    

  • The fast shipping and secure payment options made my purchase easy. I started noticing improvements in my urinary flow within weeks of using it.

- Mark                   

man 1 man 2

I was searching for a supplement to prevent the progression of BPH, and Herboxa has proven to be effective. It’s a relief knowing that I’m proactively supporting my prostate health.

- Thomas                   

I’ve tried various supplements, but none were as effective as Herboxa Saw Palmetto. It has significantly reduced my prostate inflammation, and I highly recommend it to others facing similar issues.

- Paul                    

That’s an amazing price for such a high-quality product.

- Tom                   

9 Ways We Ensure The High Quality Of Herboxa® Saw Palmetto

Formulated by health experts with over 43 years of combined experience

We only work with doctors, nutritionists, and researchers specialized in men’s health. Herboxa® Saw Palmetto was formulated by a Nutritional Scientist together with two men’s health doctors.

Made in the EU with globally sourced ingredients with the highest safety and purity standards

Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is produced in the EU in small batches to maintain ultra-high quality. It meets the most rigorous FED and GMP standards for safety and purity.

Ingredients From Suppliers We Know and Trust

We source our ingredients after months of research and in–person meetings with suppliers. We work with just a few suppliers and visit them regularly to ensure we always get top-quality ingredients.

Three-Step Quality Control For Every Single Batch

Every ingredient in our formula goes through a rigorous 3-step quality control process to ensure Purity, Quality, and Potency.

Ingredients and Dosages Based on Scientific Data

The ingredients in Herboxa® Saw Palmetto have been carefully chosen for their benefits for men after pouring over thousands of scientific papers. They are in the doses shown in studies to deliver the best results.

Not Made with Fillers And Additives

Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is not made with fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors and stearates.


Know with absolute confidence that Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is free from the established 69 known gut irritants.

Heavy Metal Tested

We use world-class laboratory detectors to ensure that Herboxa® Saw Palmetto meets high safety standards for heavy metals.

Made Without Gluten, Dairy, Sugar and GMO's

Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is made without gluten, lactose, dairy, corn, soy and GMO ingredients.

Money Back
Try it, Risk-FREE!

If you’re not satisfied with our product, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund.

Prostate health was never easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this product?
Simply take 1 capsule once daily with a small glass of water and preferably with a meal.
Where is the formula produced?
Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is produced in small batches to maintain ultra-high quality levels in an Certified facility in Europe.
How does the formula taste?
The ingredients are tightly encapsulated in small plant-based capsules, so you won’t feel any specific taste or flavor.
Can I use it with other products?

Yes! Herboxa® Saw Palmetto works perfectly with Herboxa T-Power MAX, a formula that has organic herbs shown to support healthy hormone levels in men and boost their performance.

You can take both these formulas together for maximum benefits.

Is this product vegan?
Yes, Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is 100% vegan-friendly.
What is the best time of the day to take this product?
The best time to take Herboxa® Saw Palmetto is with a meal. Taking the supplement with food can enhance the absorption of its active compounds, allowing you to maximize its benefits for prostate health. There isn't a specific time of day that is universally best for everyone, as it can depend on individual routines and schedules. However, many people prefer taking supplements in the morning with breakfast to establish a consistent daily routine.
Where should I store this product?
It's best to store this product in a cool, dry place to enjoy all its benefits.
Are there any side effects?
Our health supplements have been designed by experts. In very rare cases, some people experience adverse reactions. Please, always consult with your doctor if you experience any adverse effects or allergic reaction.
How long does the jar last?
Our jar contains 60 capsules that last for around two months.
Why choose this product over others?
Our Herboxa® Saw Palmetto supplement has been carefully designed by health specialists to support prostate health. It offers a potent dose of Saw Palmetto extract, known for effectively reducing prostate inflammation and improving urinary flow. With a commitment to quality and safety, Herboxa provides support for men seeking a reliable, natural approach to maintaining prostate health.
Product legal disclaimer
At Herboxa, we have NO compromise when it comes to quality, safety and transparency. That's why we check that the information on our website is valid, accurate and substantiated by scientific research and clinical evidence. We avoid statements on our website that are misleading or exaggerate efficacy or performance.

Scientific References


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